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Whats At Stake

We must stop the one party rule in the great state of Illinois. The one party rule has bought Illinois to its knees it way of bad financial management, too much crime and too much corruption. The Illinois House of Representatives is made of 118 members, 73 Democratic and 45 Republican. This is a super majority. The  Illinois State Senate is made up of 59 members 41 Democratic and 18 Republican. This is a super majority. The Democratic party controls all three branches (Legislative, Executive and Judicial) of government. One party rule is never good. Good government is accomplished through the center middle. Help us put the brake on the one party rule. VOTE STRAGHT REPUBLICAN. 

Want to know your District?  See District Maps Here.​ 

Want to know your Lake County Board District Map-  See the County map Here. 

Voting Early?  Here are the early voting sites.​

Want to see your ballot? Click Here.

Important Legislation

There is a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot this election.  The so called "workers rights" amendment may be in direct conflict with the ruling on the recent Janus ruling.  To learn the facts about the bill, visit the Illinois Policy Institute website and learn more.​​

illinois constitution.jpeg
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